Over the years, we have also taken our implementation experiences to a key and strategic sector of the economy; Oil and Gas. With the huge price volatility and high demand against supply for petroleum products, the need for the Oil and Gas players to stay on top of their game cannot be over emphasized. Gems Consulting have been through ERP implementations helping to allow some of the businesses in this sector realize benefit from Business automation and digital transformation.




Rainoil Limited is an integrated downstream oil and gas company. The company plays a prominent role in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. With operations spanning across the downstream value chain i.e. Petroleum Product Storage, Haulage/Distribution and Retail Sales. Our primary products include Petrol (PMS), Diesel (AGO) and Kerosene (DPK).

With two (2) Ultra-modern petroleum product storage depots, 53 retail outlets across the country, eighty (80) tank trucks and Five (5) shipping vessels, the organization needed a solution that could help standardize her processes and supply automation to the business operations.

“Digitize or die” was the stark choice Rainoil faced as it took on a challenge of major business modernization. The good news is that by betting on Microsoft across business processes from Enterprise Resource Planning to retail Operations, it is driving ahead with 21st century style efficiency.

Key business objective was to reduce operational costs, streamline processes and help the company meet the increasing demand of her numerous customers across the country. Rainoil also needed to build a completely new integrated infrastructure that would help the company in the course of its operation. From Finance and Customer Engagement to retail, digitization injected improved better performance.

The result was a radically transformed business operations. The management achieved the goal of standardizing the business processes. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP also improved the retail outlet business operations by supplying efficiency and agility in reacting to their customers’ expectations.

Gems Consulting delivered and ERP –led business transformational program that injected a modern, efficient enterprise platform that delivered promptness and control. The implementation re-engineered the Bulk storage Operations, stock procurement, Depot Management and retail outlet management for the stations.

The back offices processes were equally not left out in the automation drive in the organization. Key processes from Financial management, Inventory management, Human Capital Management, Warehouse Management, stores and business intelligence were implemented.

Largely, the solution delivery brought a major strategy rethink in operational model, enabling management have a 360-degree view of the entire business operations.



Ringardas Nigeria Limited is a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its primary business includes the importation, storage, marketing and distribution of Bitumen, Bituminous products and Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) in Nigeria.

The entry of the company into the Bitumen business in Nigeria revolutionized the supply of the product in the country. Prior to this time, it was the case that road construction projects were regularly interrupted due to shortage of Bitumen in the country. Ringardas changed this by establishing storage terminals in all the geo-political zones in Nigeria from where Bitumen could readily be made available to all contractors with ease. The company also put in place a fleet of customized trucks that deliver hot Bitumen, ready to be used on delivery, to road contractors at construction sites all over Nigeria. The innovations introduced by the company eliminated the need to re-heat Bitumen supplied by the company before use, thereby saving time and energy hitherto expended by the contractors in heating the product before use.

The supply of Bitumen to road contractors never ebbed, thanks to the unabated support of our parent company.

With an unflinching desire to be abreast with all the happenings in and around the business across the various states in the economy. Ringardas desired a solution that would enable management extract more value from business processes with digital transformation. Equally strategic for them is the need to share more information more efficiently, reliably and affordably across the whole locations.

To be a leader means to lead and look bravely ahead, react to changes and be able to transform quickly. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP aided the execution of Ringardas’ Management’s strategy.

Other deployments carried out in oil & gas include:



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