Financial Services

Our foray into the financial service sectors has seen us undertake several ERP Business Transformation programs across various financial service organizations


Our deployments in this sector have covered various types of production. From Cable manufacturing and Dairy food production down to Fertilizer, plastic, crown and cooling material manufacturing.

Oil & Gas

Gems Consulting have been through ERP implementations helping to allow some of the businesses in this sector realize benefit from Business automation and digital transformation.


Microsoft dynamics enables AGRO-ALLIED (Agriculture) companies to scale and optimize operations around the time sensitive demands of their business operations.


Gems over the years has powered several utility outfits and offered customers a solution to optimize productivity and enable the automation of billing solutions and back-office processes. An all-in-one solution that gives you real-time information across your business.


Having automated the Business Operations of one of the leading Car dealers and service centres in the country, our sojourn in the digital transformation of several industry players in this sectors remain unparalleled.


With the aid of Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning, our clients in this sector now have better customer insights as well as seamless access to all the business operations from their outstations across the country.

Public Sector

From deploying State Integrated Financial Management Systems to Budget and Treasury Management information systems down to Human Capital Management automation for the civil service, Gems continues to play a leading role in Managing the cost of governance.

Shipping & Marine

This represents another major sector where our footprints remain indelible. From Automation in the Ports &Cargo management to Bond terminal management, our clients are in sync with their agents in ensuring smooth operations in their shipping services.


Gems journey in the Retail industry has produced an end-to-end retail solution delivering unified commerce across all channels encompassing sales, mobility, intelligence and productivity to help retailers and workers achieve more in a secured platform. The result is a creative immersion of buyers shopping experiences--Providing exceptional service--and Optimizing retail operations through insights.


FMCG is particularly well adapted for the multi-channel world of retail. Consumers expect to be able to interact, research and buy online, in the high street and on the go. By powering the entire business with Microsoft Dynamics, Gems has allowed some of our clients who are FMCG retailers to deliver a consistent experience to customers at all times.

Telecoms & Network

While supporting exponential growth requirements and delighting customers with personalized services, support, and experiences. Gems Consulting with the aid of Microsoft Dynamics offers a high-performance platform and solutions that let you engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize your operations, and transform your products.


From automated driven supply chain management processes down to flexible shipments; Gems has offered great business value and benefit realization to our top clients in the distribution business via ERP-led business transformation programs.


Gems provides a robust and enterprise management solution for catering for the entire transport processes, from transport planning to execution down to strategic fright management and reporting. We offer the best of transport and logistics solution that addresses the business pains in this sector.


We have extended Microsoft Dynamics to cater for some of the top players in this sector ranging from Communication giants to Network Service Providers in providing a 360-degree insight on their business operations. Integrating the solution to the industry’s widely used core solutions for reporting et al.

Food & Beverages

Through decades of experience supporting the Food and Beverage industry with Microsoft Dynamics Solutions, we have mastered the science and art in manufacturing and have allowed our clients take the leadership positions in exceeding their customers’ expectations.

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