The Manufacturing sector provides a greater percentage of the deployments undertaken by Gems Consulting. Owing to the desire of top manufacturers and FCMG companies to meet demand, reduce operational cost and drive business growth, the need for a robust Enterprise resource Planning solution cannot be over emphasized.

Our deployments in this sector have covered various types of production. From Cable manufacturing and Dairy food production down to Fertilizer, plastic, crown and cooling material manufacturing. The need for management to make informed decisions from timely and accurate reports remain germane in modern times.


Founded by a Danish entrepreneur, Fan Milk Limited has been in existence since 1962. The company was converted to a public limited liability in 1969, and is currently engaged in the production and distribution of milk-based and fruit-based products.

As one of the leading food companies in the world, the company demanded a system that would deliver management’s goal of business productivity and efficient work force.

Gems Consulting delivered an ERP-led business transformation program that was driven by Microsoft Dynamics. The solution enabled the five different office locations  of Fan Milk to sync real time with the happenings at the Head Office in Accra, Ghana; to access data real time, take quick and prompt decisions..

The Solution delivery injected a major strategy rethink in operational model, enabling management have a 360 degree view of the whole business. Some of the benefit realized from the deployment include;

  • Unified, real time visibility of Financial and business operations for better and faster decisions across the various locations in the four regions in Ghana.
  • Business Intelligence to provide financial and operational insights.
  • Accurate forecasting to meet the customers demand
  • Manufacturing capacity planning, production scheduling and sequencing to support speed response, improve quality for customer satisfaction.
  • Complete visibility and intelligence in Fan Milk’s warehousing and distribution business processes and operations to improve control and efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics was deployed to drive efficiency across the various business units. A complete solution comprising Financial Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Distribution, Service Management, Production, Sales and Marketing as well as Human Capital Management.

Processes reenergized include;

Warehouse Control:

  • Real time knowledge and insight as to the item/stock balances across the various locations in the regions of Ghana
  • Inventory costs and value are duly captured as it integrates with the General Ledger for financial values
  • Warehouse receipts functionality authenticates good delivery into the various warehouses across the regions mentioned above
  • Transfer Shipment also allows for validation of shipments taken out of the warehouse to the various warehouses by the sales persons and their vans.

Inventory Intelligence

Proper Inventory command realization was established through

  • Incisive item lotting and batching for item tracking especially as it concerns tracking expired or bad product
  • Stock adjustment and reclassification
  • Item reservation and order tracking
  • Analysis reports providing Management with information and intelligence to take informed decisions

Comprehensive Procurement Management

Procurement process was reengineered to deliver the following;

  • Purchase requisition functionality was introduced to provide a good demand forecast.
  • Supplier bidding and analysis are carried out in the system using the request for quotation functionality to identify preferred bidders.
  • Purchase invoicing is done by matching good receipt notes to purchases delivered by suppliers.

Purchase orders with consignment are duly captured and handled conveniently.

Other deployments carried out in manufacturing include:



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