Our foray into the financial service sectors has seen up undertake several ERP Business Transformation programs across various financial service organizations. They include;

  • Investment Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Securities Trading
  • Financial Advisory
  • Credit Management and Micro Finance
  • Pension Fund Administration
  • The Stock Market Regulatory Council



  1. Automation of the regulatory and oversight function of the exchange over its dealing members
  2. Business transformation of the back office operations
  3. Greater enhancement of the regulatory experience
  4. Complete end-to-end automation of the recruitment process
  5. Automation of the investment management process

The Lagos-Based Stock Regulatory Authority for the country (The NSE) is an independent regulator of Nigerian securities firms. Security underscores the self-regulatory organization’s investor protection and market integrity work. Its relationship handling of the stock broking firms is key to all their operations; information exchange between The NSE and the listed firms must be prompt and on the fly. The confidential, highly sensitive data they handle demands both comprehensive security and ease of access from almost anywhere particularly for the brokers.

Opting For The XRM Advantage In CRM 

The extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was brought to use with the automation of the regulatory and oversight function of the exchange over its dealing members. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was deployed to manage this relationship efficiency and adequately. Minute by Minute Monitoring of the dealing members was equally achieved with the automation of the interaction process.

Other key operations of the Exchange that were transformed digitally include;

  1. The Enforcement Process for better compliance
  2. Efficient Regulatory approval process via the portal to improve the speed of execution.
  3. Effective Complaints Management Process
  4. Automated Inspections, Inspections reporting and collation process.
  5. Enhanced licensing and relationship Management process.

Microsoft Dynamics was also deployed to handle core sales management process that include; Dashboard and Opportunities management, IT Service request management, Account Management. The back office operations were equally not left out in the business transformation journey. Greater financial control was realized via the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. The procurement process was simplified to provide for greater purchasing experience, A more robust Human capital management with the automation of salary administration and all other key HR processes.

REFERENCE II:  The Bank of Industry (BOI)

The bank of Industry (BOI) is Nigeria’s oldest, largest and most successful development financial institution. The institution needed to create a different culture within the business, one driven by automated processes to drive efficiency and deliver insight into all the engagement of the organization.

In achieving this business objective, they enlisted the help of Microsoft Dynamics and Gems Consulting as the implementation partner to help deliver this goal.

Using Microsoft Dynamics, BOI was able to effectively manage their Loan administration process and drive their core Client management processes.

Microsoft Dynamics offers (BOI) unmatched intelligence given them the insights they need to benefit the business and their customers. This has led to a transformative way in which the employees work.

Key processes that were digitally transformed include;

  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Service/Case Management
  • Loan Application Management
  • Loan Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Portal Administration

Other deployments carried out in manufacturing include:

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