Understanding Gems Financial Reporting (Income Statement)

Our financial reporting products has potential to connect directly to most widely used ERP and database used for storing financial data seamlessly reducing repetitive action of exporting your data for reporting. ERP and data source such as Dynamics NAV, Business Central, SAP, Dynamics 365, Oracle Database, SQL database, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Analysis Service, Excel, SharePoint etc.

Our Income Statement report is a nine paged report with in-depth analysis about your profitability. 


Covered metrics and KPIs include:

Performance KPI: Net Sales, Gross Margin and percentage, Operating Profit and percentage 

Gross Margin Over Time 

Operating Profit Over Time 

Profitability KPI: Net Income and percentage 

Budget vs. Actual, YTD Budget vs. YTD Actual, Variance and percentage, for selected budget 

Consolidated Income Statement by Company, Account Segment 

Net Sales, Net Income – Actual vs. Budget  

Net Sales KPI: Actual vs. Budget over Fiscal Periods 

Gross Margin Gauge: Net Sales, Gross Margin – Actual vs. Budget 

Net Sales Variance to Budget by revenue accounts 

Net Sales Variance to Budget analysis by account segments 



The Matrix Layout page gives a comprehensive view of your account header and sub-header showing metrics such as actual, budget, variance to budget, % variance to budget, previous year actual, etc. with a filter view of Month to Date, Quarter to Date, Year to Date of any selected month.  


The Revenue & Profitability dashboard enables organizations to drive change in the management of revenue and profitability, analysis of growth drivers and increase speed to insight. 


The trend analysis displays the values of important KPI with time (month) how each month is correlated to each other. 


The Ratio Analysis explain the proportion of other account header value to revenue. This gives a break down how the revenue was utilized in a funnel layout. 


The profitability page display how profitable each month or quarter or year is for your business by display the profit at the beginning and end of any selected period and why there was a decrease or increases in it. The Profitability dashboard enables organizations to drive change in the management of revenue and profitability, analysis of growth drivers and increase speed to insight. 


The Spending analysis page provides insight to expense cost drivers and results, increases the productivity through use of mobile, improves management of planned vs. actual operating expenses. 


The scenario analysis answer questions like which region and department is generating the most or least revenue, or expenses etc. This properly formatted in color and display in a cross-tab format to show others important values. 


The yearly trend displays how your business is performing over years in a single view. This help the business to compare how their current state is to previous year. 


The root cause analysis helps to display the highest and lowest contributing factor to a metric in a dynamic and tree-like manner. This help to give you more reasons why you are more profitable in a particular period or region. 

This report was provided by Gems Business Intelligence Team. Do you want a report like this? contact us via bd@gems-consult.com.

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